The Benefits of Emergency Luminaires with self test facility

Even the best emergency lighting installations are worthless if the equipment is out of service due to poor maintenance, however regular testing
of emergency lighting is often overlooked.

Self test avoids the need to carry out daily visual, monthly, six monthly and three yearly tests in accordance with BS5266 1998 (Part 1). It
automatically ensures compliance with current legislation and gives peace of mind for the user from a legal and safety point of view.

If emergency lighting is not maintained and tested in accordance with BS5266 there is a potential fine of 2500 per fitting !

Self test saves maintenance time - Faults are identified visually and audibly and are self diagnostic, luminaires self log the number of tests over
an annual period.

Integral self test reduces expenditure - No extra control wiring, no need for wiring needing protection against fire damage, no extra wiring for future
changes to building layout
, no need to purchase expensive computer hardware and related training, eliminates the need for test switches and wiring,
integral battery solution avoids the need for a generator.

Self test reduces disruption to building operation - No interruption to normal lighting at key times as luminaires are tested in a staggered pattern.

Self test offers the lowest overall cost of implementing a test and maintenance system for emergency lighting.

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